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Abba's House Children’ Center (AHCC) was established in 2009 and arose out of the conviction of a local resident of Cienfuegos, Jose Rodriguez, who first became committed to providing for impoverished children when he would encounter them at the local dump (Rafey Landfill) and on the streets while he was walking to and from high school. As a high school student, he forged a bond with several of the children and began bringing food to them each day on his way to school. Years later, as a pastor, Jose further committed his life to providing for the impoverished children of Cien Fuegos by partnering with Abba’s House Central Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA to establish a Children’s Center in the barrio of Cienfuegos, where he serves as Chief Director and Pastor. 

Approximately 100 children are currently cared for at the Center. The children are provided three meals a day (Monday – Friday) with snacks, are provided with tutors who give instruction in mathematics, reading, writing, physical education, health education, and Biblical education, and receive limited medical services. AHCC children enjoy clean drinking water, have a court for basketball, experience supervised social interaction, get repairs on their homes, and most importantly, experience the love of Jesus at the Center.

At least 100 more children living in extreme poverty in the area are in immediate need of services, but the Center has no room or funds to take on any more children.



Proverbs 19:7: Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will return them for what they have done.

Our Mission

The mission of AHCC is to provide educational, social, emotional, nutritional, and Christ-centered spiritual care for orphaned, abandoned, or otherwise needy children living in extreme poverty in Cienfuegos, Dominican Republic. We present the gift of God's salvation through Biblical teaching and practical application.

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Our Mission
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Our Vision

Our dream is to establish a medical clinic on the campus as well as a vocational school, so that the older children might learn trades and skills that would serve to support themselves and their future families. Please consider partnering with us to show these children that they have not been forgotten, are important to God's kingdom, and loved by many.

You can help us meet the physical and spiritual needs of this vulnerable population of children and have a life-changing experience when you bring a team to the Dominican Republic to help us in our commission. Packages are available for missions, crusades and Pastor's conferences, plus camp opportunities for your youth.


Monetary donations are sought and appreciated to meet the most immediate, urgent needs of our children. Please click the "donate" button at the top  of this page or contact us at or 1-809-986-0812 to discuss how you can be the hands and feet of Jesus in the Dominican Republic.

We Need Your Support Today!

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