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Amazing Medical Event!!

On Sunday, August 29, 2021, Abba's House Children's Center provided a FREE medical clinic to our 100 children, their families, and the citizens of Cienfuegos. Twenty medical doctors of various specialties volunteered their expertise and AHCC provided all medications for all 400 citizens treated. It was an amazing gift of love to our children and community. We give all glory to our God for giving us the resources to allow this incredible event to take place.  

Our Story

The event today was the precursor to what is coming for Cienfuegos from Abba's House Children's Center. Our Center currently operates a limited medical clinic out of a suite on the second floor of our building. Champ's Missions will be beginning construction of a stand alone medical clinic in the next few months on the AHCC property, with all services provided free to Cienfuegos citizens. We are also in negotiations with a nonprofit in the US who will gather and then ship a container of medical supplies and equipment to AHCC to furnish the new medical clinic.

Many, many thanks to our faithful supporters who tirelessly support our work and who share in the pride of what is happening here in Cienfuegos. 

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